About Us

Rpg Dreamers is a huge site to maintain. This site by no means is a money making site. The cost of maintaining this site is huge as well as the time consume to keep the site updated. A lot of people don’t seem to realize just how much time it takes to run this site as well the amount of resources this site use from the server. We don’t maintain this site because it’s our job. Far be it this is in fact just a hobby that we do in our spare time, a hobby this is costing us money from our own pocket. We never ask anything in return from you visitors other than you enjoy this site and appreciate our hard work. But if you like to give something back to us in return for your enjoyment of this site, a small donation is very appreciated. It shows that you do care enough of the site to help us out from time to time. Our thanks to all those that are willing to take sometime to donate to help keep the site going.